Isshinryu Karate Self Defense Program
While “The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of one’s character” Self-defense is of the utmost importance in both our youth and adult programs. The beginner student starts with the mastery of our self-defense program before moving to what most refer to as the basics. We feel this is the fastest way to street readiness.

This program includes everything from wrist grabs, tackles, headlocks, sucker punches and grounded tactics. We feel this program sets our academy apart from other traditional dojos who may not address the threat of a grounded attack or self-defense in general until their advanced programs.

This is the case for both adult and youth, however our Youth Beginner Program, ages 6-12, is designed around school aged threats like the bully and the child predator. While teaching them self-defense there is a strong emphasis on the rules of engagement. Most children don’t defend themselves against bullies for fear of discipline. We cover all of that by teaching them a strategy and building the self-confidence to follow it.

Our Character development program couples with the self-defense program and teaches the students about the 7 virtues of the Bushido (Way of the warrior) including: Rectitude, Respect, Honor, Honesty, Loyalty, Courage and Benevolence. Every 2 months the focus of our program covers one of these traits.

Students earn points at home by displaying and practicing these traits and after earning a required number of points they are invited to a celebration night at the dojo. Our celebrations include Dodge ball, Laser lights, nerf wars, fog machine dance parties and so much more fun. We find this to be a great incentive for the students to mold their character to that of a great citizen.

After they feel comfortable with the self-defense concepts, they are moved forward to learn more advanced concepts of Isshinryu Karate like kata (prearranged pattern of techniques) and sparring (practice fighting) along with more advanced self defense techniques. At Delaware Bushido Academy we keep the highest standards of Traditional Isshinryu Karate while focusing on the realistic threats that may face us on the street.

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